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Alumni and Employers

Welcome to the Alumni and Employer page of our website. We are very proud of all our students’ achievements both past and present. As a school, we have had the fantastic opportunity to teach 1000s of students over the years. 

From 1993, when all of Millfield High school moved to Belvedere Road, closing the lower school on Church Road, to 2003, when Millfield High school became Millfield Science and Performing Arts College, to now, our students have gone on to bigger and better things. Please see below just some of our Alumni and how they have got to where they are today.  

Here at Millfield, we are always keen to hear from previous students to find out what they have been up to since leaving us. Whether you have been to college, completed an apprenticeship, graduated from university, or progressed into employment or all the above, we want to celebrate your achievements and experience.

If you would like to become a part of our Alumni network and help inspire and prepare our current and future students, please get in touch. We will send you a short word document to complete, asking you about your educational and career experiences since leaving us and ask for a photo of you now or where you work. Your experiences since leaving could help motivate and inspire our current learners to feel more confident in making decisions about their future. 

If you are an employer who would be interested in working with the school, either at our Career’s Convention, Apprenticeship Panel, single year group talk or willing to support us with our Work Experience students, please contact us.
Contact Mr Smith, Head of Personal Development and Transition
Email –