Environmental Garden

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Environmental Garden

It is now over ten years since the opening of the school environmental garden and during this time the garden has been enjoyed by Millfield students and those from local primary schools as well as becoming home to a wide range of local wildlife.

There are a variety of habitats in the garden including a pond which is home to a number of organisms including fogs, stickleback, pond skaters and dragonflies. Alongside the pond, the garden also contains hedgerows, wooded areas and a variety of grasses. Students have introduced ‘bug hotels’ within the garden, these are made of pallets, flower pots and other materials providing shelter and sanctuary for invertebrates. Recently an area has been planted with wildflowers to add colour and another habitat to the garden encouraging more butterflies and bees to visit!

The garden is particularly used as part of the environment and ecosystems units as well as extra-curricular Eco Warriors group who have used the garden as a base for completing the John Muir award. Many of the students who join in year 7 will have fond memories of coming to the environmental garden when in Year 5 and carrying out pond dipping sessions and bug hunts during the summer term.

Towards the rear of the environmental garden is an outdoor theatre which has been used to host lessons and performances, when the weather allows!

The STEM club has allowed students to monitor the current weather conditions at school and in the environmental garden using the weather station purchased after winning a STEM club of the year competition. The weather conditions can be viewed using the web link below.