Year 11

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Year 11

Year 11 Progress Lead Mr Griffiths 
Year 11 Head of Key Stage 4 – Miss Gower

As students move into Year 11 it is a privilege to continue as their Progress Lead and see them through their GCSE exams. My role is to support students with all aspects of school life; I strongly believe in positive ‘Behaviour for Learning’ and encourage everyone to be fully equipped and ready for the school day to get the most out of every lesson. Year 11 students are expected to respect every member of staff, each other, and themselves, giving everyone the right environment to learn and reach their potential. I encourage all of Year 11 to try their best and make the most of all opportunities.  

As this is the students’ final year at Millfield, Year 11 is vitally important in preparing them for their future. Year 11 students receive a great deal of support in making plans for life after Millfield. They receive a variety of information about colleges and how to apply to them in both assemblies and workshops.   

We focus on ensuring that students achieve the very best results that they possibly can, and there is a significant amount of support available from the teachers to enable them to do that. Advice is given on revision techniques, and intervention sessions are available after school, along with supervised study sessions.  

I have built strong and trusting relationships with students so they feel able to talk to me about any worries and concerns they may have. I would also hope that students are kind and supportive to one another during this challenging year. I am extremely proud to see the personal growth that all students have made over the past years and their incredible resilience and determination throughout the challenging times they have faced. I love to see positive attitudes alongside excellent behaviour and attendance but most importantly, smiling faces. I look forward to seeing all Year 11 students continue to learn and grow this year as they move towards the end of this educational journey and prepare for their next steps. 

Education is the one thing nobody can take away from you – it doesn’t matter what others are doing it matter what YOU are doing!  

Here’s to a successful Year 11!