School’s Ethos & Values

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School's ethos and values

Millfield Science and Performing Arts College aims to create a safe, caring and happy community in which our children learn to meet, with confidence, the challenge of their future.

Millfield is a caring community within which students develop their true potential in intellectual, physical, creative, moral and social terms. Self-awareness and confidence are fostered to enable our students to become responsible participants in an ever-changing society with an awareness of the value of education. We are committed to ensuring equality and diversity are fully integrated into the learning experience of our students.

We intend to educate all students to be able to work individually and in teams, to be creative, enterprising and to show initiative; to be able to take decisions and solve problems. We teach them to communicate successfully and to have an appreciation of the aesthetic, physical and cultural dimensions of life.

We aim to instil in all our students a commitment to lifelong education and training so that they may acquire the knowledge, competencies and qualifications for working in an ever-changing technological society.

We believe that the Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural aspects of education are of paramount importance to our students and the community they live in. In addition, we acknowledge and take seriously our duty to promote the fundamental British Values of Democracy, the Rule of Law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance.