Year 8

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Year 8

Year 8 Progress Lead – Mr Greenall 

As the Progress Lead for Year 8, I endeavour to instil a deep-rooted ethos of team spirit into each one of my students. I guide and encourage everyone to achieve their personal best at everything they do whether that be inside school or outside in the community.  

I have unfailingly high expectations that all Year 8 are supportive and kind to one another, and every pupil knows that I am available to support and guide them should they ever need me to do so.  

I am very aware of all the challenges that students face within secondary school. For many students this can be an exciting yet anxious time as students face many challenges: socially, mentally, and physically. Together we will use effective strategies to overcome fears and mature into strong, resilient students and positive members of the community.   

Being Progress Lead for Year 8 makes me feel privileged and incredibly proud every single day. I believe in restorative practice to resolve conflict, enabling students to build a toolkit of skills and values that they will use throughout their entire life. At Millfield we work on a whole school approach with a high level of communication between departments within school, parents/carers, and outside services (when appropriate).   

Contribute, work hard, and enjoy yourself and you will reap the rewards.