Year 10

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Year 10

Year 10 Progress Lead – Mrs Clare
Head of Key Stage 4 – Miss Gower 

My role as Progress Lead for Year 10 is to collaborate with all staff to maintain a high level of pastoral support for all students in my year group. This covers behaviour, pastoral, welfare, and attendance. I work with students and staff to help students to overcome barriers and maximise the learning for each individual student. I am lucky enough to have been with my year group from the beginning which means in the time that I have known them I have built amazing relationships with the students and their parents.  Year 10 become senior students which means they will have more responsibility and will be role models to the lower year groups.  

As a year group we have faced some challenging times: the students have adapted well, built up resilience and shown great determination. This has made us stronger as a year group and I will continue to support them, nurture & educate them through the next stage in their education. I will always provide a safe and accessible environment, a listening ear, and a shoulder to cry on if they need it.  

Year 10 such an exciting year with the students starting their option subjects. My role as Progress Lead is to navigate them through this year, greet students daily and enable all students to start the day in the right mindset.  

As a school we aim to instil in our students the importance of education and training so that they acquire the knowledge and qualifications for working in an ever-changing society in the future. This is why, as a school, we allow all Year 10 students to take part in a two-week work experience programme. Alongside this we will have visits to colleges, career days, guest speakers and plenty of opportunities to gather all the information students need to make the right decisions when they leave school.  

Another major part of my role is to not only to offer pastoral support but to also ensure that students are making progress in lessons. This is done in many ways such as observing classroom behaviour and students’ engagement in lessons, the seating plans, student learning needs, and making sure students have all the necessary equipment for learning. Being a cover supervisor allows me to also teach some lessons and observe students’ academic ability and engagement. This allows me to monitor students closely and find ways in which we can support their learning.  

The school motto is “creating brighter futures” and I truly believe that all students have the ability – with our support- to make this happen. I am confident that all our Year 10 students will continue their journey of self-discovery and to develop the knowledge they need to succeed in life. 

Year 10 is a very exciting year with new challenges & amazing opportunities.