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Talent Pool

Thank you for your interest in our wonderful school.

Would you like to work at Team Millfield in the future?

If so, please complete the short form below, which we will keep confidential, and we will notify you if any opportunities arise:

We provide a caring community within which pupils develop their true potential in intellectual, physical, creative, moral and social terms. Self-awareness and confidence are fostered to enable them to become responsible participants in an ever changing society with an awareness of the value of education.

We intend to educate all our pupils to be able to work individually and in teams, to be creative, enterprising and to show initiative; to be able to take decisions and solve problems. We teach them to communicate successfully and to have an appreciation of the aesthetic, physical and cultural dimensions of life.

We aim to instil in all our pupils a commitment to lifelong education and training so that they may acquire the knowledge, competencies and qualifications for working in a highly technological society.