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Work Experience

We provide all our Year 10 students with a great opportunity to undertake a two-week period of work experience.  The work experience programme is an excellent opportunity for your child to experience the challenges of the workplace, learn new skills and build self-confidence.  We often have students who are offered part time jobs following their work experience. 

Some of the benefits of work experience are that students will: 

  • develop transferable skills, such as communication and team working,
  • understand how organisations and businesses work,
  • build confidence in interacting with adults,
  • confirm interest in a career or not (which is equally useful!),
  • get a head start – if they impress the employer, they could be offered an apprenticeship upon leaving school.

School works in partnership with the Education Business Partnership who provide the link between employers and the school and undertake health and safety checks on employers’ premises and agree job descriptions for students. This requires the documentation detailed below before work experience can be granted. 

Mock Interview Day – January 

To help students to prepare for their work experience placements, we invite experienced staff from local training providers and businesses to interview the students throughout the day in our assembly hall.  The interviews should help to prepare our Year 10 students for any interviews which may be required prior to their work experience placement.  This will also be good practice for interviews in the future for college, apprenticeships, or employment.

Here is a timescale and action points for the work experience process: 

Autumn Term

Students are required to find their own placements, source, and contact the employer. Students will receive a self-placement form and are required to complete and return with a copy of the Employer Liability Insurance document. Both must be returned before the first week in December. 

Students will receive a medical form and are required to complete and return before the end of December. 

Spring Term

Students are required to complete a placement agreement which must be signed by themselves, a parent/carer, and the employer. 

Students must telephone the employer to arrange an interview where they will get the placement agreement signed and confirm any details from their job description. February half term is the ideal time to do this, and the form must be returned to school. 

Please note that students will not be able to undertake their work experience unless this form is returned, as the signatures are a legal obligation. 

Students receive a health and safety talk from the school and are prepared in school for the telephone call and interview with their employer. 

Work experience runs during the two weeks before Easter holidays each year. 

Work Experience – A Parent’s Guide 2023-2024
Medical Questionnaire
Self Placement Form