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Careers support for parents

What does your child need to know in terms of education, training, and work? 

As a parent you are expected to have all the answers, but in a constantly evolving world it can be a struggle to keep up with the latest options out there. At Millfield we want to help and support parents with these challenges. There are many common questions we get asked and here are just some. Are apprenticeships right for my child? Should they be considering BTECs or T levels? How can I guide my child to make the right choices at GCSE and A Level that will set them up for a brighter future? 

Here at Millfield, we provide careers support for parents who want to help their child understand and explore their next steps. Whatever you need, we’re here to help you help your child in thinking about their career and future options.

Careers Team

Mr Grayston – Senior Assistant Headteacher –
Mr Smith – Head of Personal Development and Transition –
Mrs Draper – Work Experience Coordinator –
Mrs Arthur – Independent Careers Advisor (Level 6)
School Telephone: 01253 865929

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